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Chicken Cuisine Shikahara lunch set

3,000yen / 1​people

You can have lunch at Shikahara the day after your stay.

Check out at 11:00 the next day only for this plan (usually 10:00)

Please spend a relaxing time at the inn until the last minute before entering Kahara.

<Original course recommended by the proprietress>

Charcoal grilled chicken (sauce) / Haramiyaki / Tail with ponzu sauce

Rice / raw egg / dumpling soup / oolong tea


projector rental

2,000yen / night

YouTube, Amazon prime video, NetFlix, Hulu, etc.

Various contents are available.

(Your own account is required to view)

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can also be used to connect game consoles.

Equipment used: NEBULA by Anker / Apollo

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breakfast lunch

1,500yen / person

We will prepare a small Japanese breakfast for you.

So that even those who are busy in the morning can enjoy it,

We serve it as a lunch box.

You can take it home with you.

Please enjoy yourself in the gentle morning sunshine.

Reservations will be accepted up to one week in advance. Thank you for your understanding.

Provided by: Momiji-an Ogasawara


Everyday satoyama experience

3500yen /per person

The contents change depending on the season.

In addition, the contents are decided after consultation with the partner farmers.

Please contact us for details.

<Example> Farming experience (Ridge/Sowing/Harvesting)

  Miso making, pickles, pickled plums, dried persimmons, etc.

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