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A cluster of commitment

A Japanese house standing in the mountains of Yamaga City, Kumamoto Prefecture.
suyasuya is a charter accommodation limited to one group per day.
Dirt floors, walls and fittings made by local craftsmen
Tea, tea utensils, sweets, flowers, and books carefully selected by the proprietress.
It's a chartered inn with no one other than the customer.
It is packed with warmth and commitment by human hands.
The mountains that can be seen on one side, the lighting of the full moon reflected in the window.
Scenery and people's lives in each season.
A tasteful space that changes its expression 180 degrees between night and day.
We are always looking forward to your stay.


A healing space in a renovated old house

We made the most of the original construction and equipment, and added a few touches. We try to create a space that is neither too flashy nor too rugged, and that is not too pretentious so that you can enjoy the extraordinary while still feeling nostalgic.


Free and secure, unattended check-in/out

We will send you the password for the key box when your reservation is confirmed. You can enter the room at any time after 17:00 and leave at any time until 10:00 the next morning. It is a system with a high degree of freedom that allows you to stay close to your plan and spend your time without worrying about anyone.


A clumsy one-stroke note from the proprietress

Since we don't have the chance to meet in person, the proprietress, who wants to get closer to the customer's heart as much as possible, leaves a note. It's not a very pretty handwriting, but I'll spell it with all my heart. Although it is unmanned, we hope to deliver the warmth of human hands to our customers as much as possible.

Soothing tea and sweets

We offer local specialty "Dakema tea" and seasonal Japanese sweets. We would appreciate it if you could feel the four seasons of Mt. In addition, Dakema tea can be purchased at 5 tea shops in the area. Please come and visit us.


A book trip that seems to stop time

We do not have a TV in our hotel so that you can enjoy the extraordinary. Instead, we have books such as magazines, comics, paperbacks and picture books. Enjoy the world of books in the tranquility of Satoyama.


A place to talk in the middle of the night

You can cook in the fully equipped kitchen, and enjoy food and alcohol (bring your own or a paid self-service beer server) at the attached bar counter. If you sit side by side at the counter while music is playing, you will feel like you are in a stylish bar. You should be able to talk slowly about things that you would not normally talk about.
A night to deepen the bond with your companion.


Satoyama scenery and a glimpse of life

What you can see along the way is the usual satoyama, not a built-in one. What is here is nothing special compared to tourist attractions such as World Heritage sites. But there are forests and fields in the mountains that people have carefully taken care of.
Yes, quiet and rich time continues to flow. Enjoy the daily life of the village and the rustic scenery that you can't find in the city.

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