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Tour with me

My name is MIZUKI. I am the owner of suyasuya.

The location of our inn is inconvenient and you can't get there without a car, making it a difficult location for people from overseas.

However, "I want to know about the Japanese countryside"I'm anxious about my first overseas trip," "I want to make friends with Japanese people."

I felt like I heard everyone's voices, so I created this tour plan.

Can be used by multiple people or by one person.You are very welcome.

I don't understand the language either, but I think it's okay even if we don't understand each other.

Let's get through it with spirit and a translation app.

If you are interested in this tour, please send us a message.


​Let's make a travel plan together

Please tell me where you want to go, what you want to do, and what you want to eat.

Not only are there classic tourist spots, but also places that only Japanese people know about.

We can also recommend special places and shops.

​ Feel free to communicate using the message app.


​I will pick you up from the airport or station

Fukuoka Airport, Shin-Kurume Station, Hakata Station, Kumamoto Airport, Kumamoto Station.

Once you arrive in Japan, you don't have to worry anymore.

Pick me up on time so I can catch my flight home

We will deliver you to the airport safely. I'm Japanese.


​Please leave driving and photography to us

There is no need to obtain a driver's license in Japan.

I'll pick you up and drive you wherever you want to go.

All the beautiful photos on this site were taken by me.

Please feel free to entrust me with being your photographer.

​Where do you want to go?

What do you want to do?

If you come to Japan,​Let's experience many things

​What do you want to eat?

From standard Japanese cuisine to traditional dishes made by rural grandmothers

​ Junk food, cafe menu, and lots of delicious things!

$220 / 1night  2days
$370 / 2nights 3days
$530 / 3nights 4days

Accommodation/transfer/guide fee

The meal fee will be presented separately as it will vary depending on the consultation details.

​If you want to travel on a budget, let's cook Japanese food with me.

About ME

My name is MIZUKI

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​Let's talk about tours

​Please wait patiently for an email from MIZUKI.


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