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A mass of commitment

A Japanese house located in the mountains of Yamaga City, Kumamoto Prefecture.

suyasuya is a private inn limited to one group per day.

Dirt floors, walls, and fittings created by local craftsmen

Tea, tea utensils, sweets, flowers, and books carefully selected by the landlady.

This is a private inn where there is no one except the guests.

It is full of warmth and attention to detail created by human hands.

The mountains visible in one direction, the full moon reflected in the window.

The scenery and people's lifestyles throughout the four seasons.

The atmosphere of the space changes its appearance 180 degrees between night and day.

We look forward to your stay.


At our inn, our guestsSo that you can spend your time in peace

We offer a little hospitality.

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​Seasonal Japanese sweets

Let's take a breather when we arrive at the inn.

With matcha or Japanese tea

Please enjoy.



plant-basedJapanese companies that are particular about raw materials

Adopted from MARKS&WEB company.

​A relaxing moment.



A landlady who enjoys tea ceremony

I'll give you a cup of matcha.

​You can also experience a tea ceremony.


​Room scent

The moment I entered the innThis scent that I feel is

It will surely become a memory itself.

You can also purchase them at the inn.


​Several types of Japanese tea

A local specialty

"Please enjoy "Gakema Tea".

It has a history of being favored by samurai.



Not only in-house transportation but also transportation, tours, etc.

We will support your journey.

I'm your absolute ally.

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