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without meals

You can bring your own meals

Most casually in Satoyama

A plan where you can enjoy 1.

9,900yen / 1 person

For stays of 4 or more people

8,800yen / 1 person


Japanese cuisine (evening and morning)

In-room dining

We will prepare a bowl of Satoyama cuisine.

We will set it up when you arrive at the inn.

You can enjoy your dinner immediately.

Breakfast is a boxed lunch full of blessings from the mountains.

Provided by: Momiji-an Ogasawara

15,400yen / person

For stays of 4 or more people

14,400yen / person


Western food (dinner)

5 minutes by car​Popular restaurant

Between the mountains, suyasuya collaboration limited

You can enjoy course meals.

Dishes using colorful vegetables and high-quality ingredients harvested in Satoyama

It will be a wonderful memory of your trip.

The menu changes according to the season.

There are two dogs in the store, so please refrain from those with allergies.

In addition,serviceThere is no.

17,400yen / 1 person

For stays of 4 or more people

16,400yen / person

*7,500yen in the price is

Please pay between Mt.

<Regarding child charges>

Children from 0-3 years old are free of charge without futon.

Children aged 4 and over will be charged half the price of an adult and will be provided with a futon.

* Only toothbrushes are provided as amenities.

Junior high school students and above will be charged as adults.

<About other charges>

New Year holidays (12/27~1/5) and Golden Week (4/28~5/5) +3,000yen / person

Sat/before holidays +1,000yen / person 

From the 7th night onwards, a 20% discount will be applied to the accommodation fee.

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